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  • Jurisdiction in Civil (Civil)
    1. Engagement, wedding, refer, divorce, annulment of marriage (fasakh), nusyuz or judicial separation (mufaraqah) and related.
    2. Living of dependents, legitimacy, or guardianship of children (child custody).
    3. Will of the current marad-al-maut.
    4. The use of IT in all business transactions.
    5. Gifts inter vivos, or settlements made without adequate consideration in money or money's worth by a Muslim.
    6. Endowments or votive.
    7. Division and inheritance of testate or intestate.
    8. The determination of the persons entitled to the estate.
    9. Declaration of the deceased person is a Muslim or not the time of her death.
    10. Any matter relating to the law given by the Islamic Law.
  • In the Criminal Jurisdiction
    1. Try offenses committed by a person whose puberty Islam and condemned by law.
    2. Penalties:
      • Prison
      • Fine
      • Whipping
      • Moral Rehabilitation Centre
      • Sports Rehabilitation Centre ~ Coalition of cytomegalovirus
    3. Classification of the offense are divided into:
      • Sports
      • The sanctity of Islam and Intitusinya
      • Decency
      • Various offense
      • Complicity and attempts
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